Summer Trip - Horror Novel


A horror story where any one could be the murderer


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Summer Trip - Horror Novel is a visual novel that turns you into a young woman who just moved to San Francisco, just in time for summer vacations. You'll start a new adventure along with her new friends and your new city.

Gameplay in Summer Trip - Horror Novel is identical to what you'd find in other touchscreen games. In other words, you can talk to a ton of different characters, and, depending on your answers and actions, the story will evolve one way or another.

After a brief introduction of her new high school in San Francisco, your young protagonist and a group of friends will go spend a better part of her summer in a summer house. That's where strange situations will start to emerge. It looks like someone is attacking the house and little by little, people will start to disappear. It's up to you to decide those you can trust and those you can't.

Summer Trip - Horror Novel is a super fun virtual novel that offers more than just the classic romance stories that are popular in this genre, the plot resembles the movie slasher a lot more. Also, just like all the other touchscreen games, it includes beautiful visuals.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.

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