File Manager by Xiaomi




Xiaomi's official file manager for Android


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File Manager by Xiaomi is a file management app that allows you to gain total control over all the files on your Android smartphone. Copy and paste files from one folder to another, rename directories, delete documents and much more.

You'll find there are two simple ways to view and manage all your documents. Browse through files by file type like images, videos, documents and APK files, thanks to a handy generated list. The other option for browsing your files includes a search feature where you can easily type in terms to find any of your folders and subfolders on your smartphone.

Along with managing all your files, File Manager by Xiaomi also cleans out your smartphone with its 'Cleaner' tool. Now you can clear out all those useless files forgotten in the trash and easily free up space on your smartphone in one easy step.

File Manager by Xiaomi is a fine app to organize all your files. Its interface is simple and elegant and it comes with a handy set of features.

By Erika Okumura

Android 4.4 or higher required