Five idle clickers for Android to enjoy this summer

Incremental games are one of the biggest genres in smartphone and tablet gaming right now. Their popularity is on a wild upswing and every time we turn around there are a handful of new games that exploit this simple gameplay that falls halfway between pure reflexion and elated jabbing at the screen. Your Correspondent has found himself helpless to stop playing a lot of these games and they are unquestionably a key ingredient for any summer of fun. This is why we’ve picked out five free idle clickers for Android for you to spend time with over your break.

Pit Stop Racing: Manager

Managing a Nascar team is probably one of the most varied premises you can find in the Android gaming universe, and even more so when we’re talking about an idle clicker.

Pit Stop Racing: Manager surprises because despite being a clicker it doesn’t really seem like one thanks to how well the gameplay is camouflaged. In the races themselves you can’t tap nonstop because if you do you’ll end up with a dead engine. An interesting and original title that gives another dimension to this fun genre. [Download]

Demon Princess Marie

Clicker developers have been very smart about fusing the mechanic with other genres, and in this game in particular we’re looking at a sort of RPG clicker where you’ve got to get rid of all kinds of monsters that get in your way.

The strength of Demon Princess Marie lies in its powerful graphics, which put those of lots of other games to shame. Though your mission appears to be to protect the witch Marie, in fact it’s the opposite. Lots of abilities to unlock and a high risk of addiction due to off-the-charts levels of fun. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [Download]

Build Away! -Idle City Builder

Several city management games merge their gameplays with that of clickers, but we love the simplicity that makes Build Away! shine. This game is traditional from the point of view of its genre, but with more substance that you’d initially think.

Though you’ll definitely spend a lot of time tapping the screen, it’s a colorful title with a ton of personality, putting a fun twist on the ubiquitous resource-management genre. [Download]

Charming Keep

Though we already talked about this fun game a while ago on the blog, we couldn’t miss the chance to shower it with a bit more praise. We’re looking at a pretty standard incremental game where you have to build different rooms to amass a ton of money. But the appeal of Charming Keep lies in its gorgeous visual style and the way it turns plot tropes on their head: your task is to help fairy-tale princes in need of rescue. [Download]

WWE Tap Mania

Putting together an idle clicker with a theme like TV wrestling may not seem like the best of combinations – but luckily SEGA is here to lay that misconception to rest. WWE Tap Mania set you the task of taking down the most famous WWE wrestlers by tap-tap-tapping the screen. And remarkably, it works really well.

Where this game triumphs is not only in having a license from a franchise with fans all over the world, but also in making the learning curve stimulating enough to keep you hooked and boasting a scream of a cast, with all the characters you need to put together your dream team. Let’s get ready to rumble! [Download]