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Any.DO is a personal agenda that allows you to quickly and comfortably manage all of your different daily tasks directly from your Android device. You just have to drag tasks from one place to the next in order to mark them as done, delete them, push them back, move them up, etc.

The application has a very simple interface which allows you to add any task or reminder in a matter of seconds. You can set it so an alarm goes off at a specific time or on a specific day. In addition, thanks to the app's widget, you can make it so that the tasks are always visible on the screen of your Android device.

With Any.DO, you can add tasks to your to-do list both by writing them and by dictating them. You just have to speak into your phone's microphone and Any.DO will automatically include the tasks you say on your daily to-do list. Later, you can push them back or move them wherever you want.

Any.DO is an excellent portable agenda for Android which combines an intuitive, elegant design with a range of features that is wide enough to let you cover all of your daily needs.
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Requires Android 2.2 or later.

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